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Champion 522 bronco V8 radiator

1966-1977 Ford Bronco All-Aluminum Radiator - Chevy Conversion

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All-Aluminum Radiator for 66-77 Ford Bronco's with Chevy V8 motors. Lower hose is on driver side.

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Champion All-Aluminum Radiators
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Champion All-Aluminum radiators are the most affordable high-performance radiators available. They feature aircraft-grade aluminum with a fully welded construction. We have found these to be the best - both in value and performance, oulasting most "name-brand" performance radiators. Champion is a solid brand and has been building their name up for many years now by selling a product that both affordable and durable.

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Fully Tig Welded Construction
  • Brazed Core Technology
  • Full-Size Inlets/Outlets For Maximum Flow
  • Billet-Style Fill Neck
  • Metal Drain Cock
  • Includes Radiator Cap (if applicable)
  • Lifetime Radiator Warranty
Full Application List
Year Make Model Engine
1966 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1967 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1968 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1969 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1970 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1971 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1972 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1973 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1974 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1975 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1976 Ford Bronco Chevy V8
1977 Ford Bronco Chevy V8