$5.00 Price Increase On All Radiators Effective May 1, 2021
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Here’s the Summary

All Champion products (including radiators) come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Since the warranty is through them, all warranties are subject to their approval. Though the warranty/return rate is extremely low, we will still do our best to help you through the process and get you taken care of if it ever comes up!

A few more things:

  • Don’t beat up the radiator… Physical damage voids the warranty! (Unless it happens in shipping)
  • Don’t abuse the radiator… Failures due to lack of maintenence and neglect void the warranty!
  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping UNLESS we’re shipping you a warranty replacement.
  • Returns are allowed for the first 60 days for a product refund (shipping charges are customer responsibility)

Here’s All the Details

Limited Lifetime Warranty is the manufacturer warranty that comes with all Champion All-Aluminum Radiators. Each radiator purchased is covered for the lifetime of the original purchaser. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects such as a failed header, failed welds, etc. Any warranty must be shipped to the manufacturer corporate warehouse for inspection (see below). If a return or warranty needs to be made, please call Instant Radiator Exchange first as we have the purchase information. We will then give you further instruction. All warranties are subject to the approval of the manufacturer and are not supplied by Instant Radiator whatsoever. Warranties are non-transferable. Warranties are void if repaired or if attempted to repair unless approved by the manufacturer beforehand. Instant Radiator is not responsible for any damage done to a vehicle by a failed Champion radiator. Purchaser may be responsible for one-way shipping to the manufacturer. Actions that void the warranty include, but are not limited to:
  • Physical Damage
  • Cracks, Busted Tubes, etc. caused by over-pressurization
  • Corrosion due to electrolysis
  • Corrosion due to insufficient or inferior coolant
  • Damage caused by freezing
  • Tube Blockage/Clogging
  • Stripped Threads
  • Excess Heat Damage
  • Any damage caused by user misuse or neglect
  • Any damage done to the radiator due to failure of another part in the vehicle
Buyer is responsible for ordering the correct part. Always verify fitment by the measurements, images, and all given information on each part before purchase. Instant Radiator follows all requirements that the manufacturer upholds. Please keep in mind that all shipping fees are not refundable in any situation except those labeled by the manufacturer. In the case of a return, the buyer will be refunded for all parts but will be withheld original shipping costs according to the following fee schedule: Radiators – $29.95 • Oversized Radiators – $39.95 • Shrouds, Double Fans, Shroud Kits – $17.95 • Single Fan, Relay Kit, Overflows – $11.95 Example Scenario: Radiator purchased for $269.95 is returned in good condition, customer is refunded $240.00 (269.95 – 29.95 = 240). Buyer is responsible to ship the return back on his own expense, or we may send a call-tag at the customers request.


Shipping damages/Lost items: Upon receipt of the received item, Customer is responsible for inspecting the item, along with all contents in shipment, to verify and validate items are free of damage and/or defect(s). If there are any problems with your purchase such as freight damage, fitment, etc. causing a need for return, please call Instant Radiator Exchange FIRST. An RMA must be submitted within 14 days from the date of shipment if the item was lost or damaged during shipping. Once the RMA is submitted Champion will issue a call tag to return the item and when the radiator is received and shipping damage is verified Champion will submit a claim with the shipping carrier. Exchanges or refunds will be processed after an RMA is submitted and shipping damage or lost item is verified. If upon inspection shipping damage cannot be verified the item(s) will be returned to the customer. An RMA submitted after 14 days from the date of shipment for shipping damages or lost item will not be approved and the distributor or end user assumes full responsibility. Returns/exchanges: Returns and exchanges are accepted within 60 days from the original date of shipment and after 60 days we will only exchange items that are covered under warranty. For a return or exchange to be processed an RMA must be submitted specifying the reason for the return or exchange. Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs to return item to Manufacturer and/or Dealer. Exceptions are to include:
  • Shipping Damage
  • Manufacturer’s Defect
  • Customer was shipped an item other than what was originally ordered
All returns and exchanges will be processed after the item has been returned and the RMA approved and completed. Allow approximately 2-4 business days from the date the item is returned for an RMA to be processed and completed and allow up to 3 weeks from the date the RMA is completed for a credit or refund to be issued. Refunds and/or credits will be issued in the form of original payment or applied to your account. If an exchange item is needed before the RMA has been processed then the item will need to be purchased, via credit card (no invoicing), and then refunded after the RMA is approved and completed. Return packages must be sent shipping charges prepaid unless the wrong part was shipped due to Champion’s error then a call tag will be issued at Champion’s expense. If our drop shipping service was used then a new exchange item will be shipped at no charge. If the distributor’s shipping account was used for the original shipment then their account will be used again for the exchange shipment. Call tags will only be initiated one time with the pickup scheduled for 2 business days from the date the call tag is initiated. If the carrier is not able to pick up the item for any reason it is then the responsibility of the dealer or end user to ship the item back. If the dealer or end user cannot accommodate the carrier’s pickup schedule then the dealer or end user is responsible to ship the item back. All items returned for reasons other than leaking or did not cool, must be returned in its original packaging and condition. Items returned without customer’s information or RMA number will not be processed for a refund or exchange and will be disposed of in 30 days. The distributor or end user will also be responsible for price adjustments, if any. If the cost of the exchange item is less than a credit will be issued. Any item that has not been installed may be returned for a full refund of the products price and any taxes that occur. Returned items must be in new condition free of scratches, raked fins, damaged boxes, etc. Any returned items not in new condition may incur a 15% restocking fee, while any product which contains any damage to void the warranty and is no longer sellable will not be returnable. The buyer will be responsible for all shipping fees (original shipping & return shipping). In the case of a warranty, the product must be shipped back to the manufacturer to be examined for the cause of warranty and to check to see if the product will be a warranty. All warranties are subject to the manufacturer approval and various conditions (see below). After warranty approval, a replacement part will be sent to the customer free of charge. The buyer must ship the product on their own expense, however, shipping on the replacement new product will be covered. For in-store purchases the product may be exchanged out upon approval of the management. Warranty on new products covers manufacturer defects only. Warranty does not cover physical damage, over-pressurization, excess heat damage, stripped threads, electrolysis, corrosion, or tube blockage. Warranty void if repaired or if the manufacturer does not approve of warranty. Warranties are for original purchaser only. Non-Transferable. Instant Radiator is not responsible for any damages done to vehicle due to failure of products sold.