About Instant Radiator

Over 30 Years of Radiator Experience

Instant Radiator Exchange started as a small, family-owned radiator shop back in 1986 in Oklahoma City, back when pretty much all radiators were the classic brass & copper style. Back then, the main form of business was repair - resoldering, welding, and resealing radiators that developed leaks. Since then, the industry has changed drastically. It became cheaper to replace radiators with new ones, plastic tanks took over due to their price and a lot of things changed.

Over the years, we found that many people don't care for plastic tanks on radiators - especially when it comes to classics and performance vehicles! As the age of all-metal brass and copper is dying out, there is a new age rising, All-Aluminum Radiators. We have found these to be a great alternative to the original metal radiators, with a fantastic look and outperforming the old ones by a long shot.

Through our experience over the lst 30 years, we have seen the worst of radiators and the best of them. We have found that the best aftermarket option for looks and performance is all-aluminum radiators. However, there are tons of resellers and manufacturers of these radiators that have no problem getting all they can out of their customers

Our primary goal is to provide the best quality radiators at affordable prices to you, the customer.

We have gained a following, both locally in OKC, and all over the country through the internet. We hope that your experience with us is a great one, whether you make a purchase online, give us a call, or are just browsing! Over 30 years later, we are still family-owned and operated and plan to keep making customers happy every day.