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About Instant Radiator

Cooling Professionals Since 1986

Instant Radiator Exchange started as a small, family-owned radiator shop back in 1986 in Oklahoma City, back when pretty much all radiators were the classic brass & copper style. Back then, the main form of business was repair – resoldering, welding, and resealing radiators that developed leaks. Since then, the industry has changed drastically. It became cheaper to replace radiators with new ones, plastic tanks took over due to their price and a lot of things changed.

As the industry changed, so did our business. More and more people were wanting new radiators instead of repairs, and many all-metal radiators were becoming too old and too damaged to repair. though there are many solutions, most of which we have tried and even still perform – like replacing plastic tanks, re-coring brass & copper radiators, and custom welding parts that may not be available. Some of these may be solid options for a fix, and even desired in certain cases, but in recent years there is one solution that has stepped up above the rest – all-aluminum radiators. These have really proven themselves with high durability, lower cost (compared to copper replacements), excellent cooling performance, and sleek appearance. And with a lifetime warranty, it’s really hard to beat.

Automotive Background

We've specialized in automotive cooling for over 30 years, servicing all parts of the cooling system in tons of different vehicles.

Hands-On Experience

We don't just sell radiators... We've been getting our hands dirty for the past three decades. Our knowledge of radiators and cooling parts comes from hands-on experience from working on these vehicles and installing parts ourselves.

Our primary goal is to provide the best quality radiators ANd cooling accessories at affordable prices to you.